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Published on June 30, 2014, by in Blog.

wayneMy name is Wayne Winegar,and I am a Melanoma cancer survivor.  My story begins in 1983, and is a two fold story. In the summer of 1983 I took a trip to Myrtle Beach, after falling asleep in the sun for quiet a while, I got very sick. Realizing I had been severely sun burned , I knew something was wrong. Upon coming home and not being able to walk, I went to the hospital. I had severe skin burns and sun poisoning, I was kept over night for observation, the doctor told me then I would have trouble with my skin when I got older. I was young and just dismissed what the doctor had said, but I never got sun burned like that again. Sixteen years later in 1999 Cancer rears it’s ugly face in my family, it was my mother. Towards the end of May she got sick, After convincing her to see my doctor, many series of test were done. On July 14th , my birthday, we got a call from the doctor, I answered the phone. I told my mother on my birthday she had lung cancer, after more test there was nothing they could do. I became one of my mothers caregivers. Little did I know I was about to be diagnosed with cancer myself.  In August I was showering and as I stepped out my wife came into the bathroom, and noticed my back was bleeding.  She being a nursing student called the doctor immediately, the next day I was in the doctors office. Surgery was scheduled and no time was wasted, Now remember my mom has cancer now I have cancer and I had to take care of mom. The surgeon told me he was gonna cut until he got it all if possible. I was fortunate the surgery got it all , and I just had a nice big scar. I never told my mother I had cancer, she passed away in September of that year. Cancer and scared have the same amount of letters in them…..So does Hope and Cure….Today I have a skin disease called vertiligo, which is loss of skin pigmentation.  I have had 15 squamous cell cancers removed, I live with the fear everyday that the melanoma will return, But I’m still here and I will continue to fight for a cure……