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Published on March 17, 2014, by in Blog.
William Creasey and Darrell Rhodes

William Creasey and Darrell Rhodes

In late 1986 life was good; I had just had a daughter in May and then got promoted to store manager at my job. Right after moving into our new home my family came down and said something didn’t look right with our daughter, the next day my wife’s family also made a comment about the same thing. So the next day my wife took her to Fayetteville N.C. to see a doctor. He immediately said see was hydrocephalus, she had fluid on her brain. So we got an appointment went to the neurosurgeon and he said she needed a shunt. He told us to expect a 12 hour surgery, so we go that Friday and have it done. When the surgeon came out he had tears in his eyes and told us the mass blocking the spinal cord was Medulablastoma . He said we probably had about 3 to 5 years. Standing there stunned I couldn’t grasp MY DAUGHTER HAS CANCER! No it can’t be right but his assistant assured me he knew because he had just lost his son to that same disease. While trying to deal with this and my new position in a strange town with 2 other small children life became extremely stressful. Working about 65-70 hours a week and driving back and forth to Duke took its toll on our family. Taking her into surgeries and holding her for spinal taps while she cried and said No Dada broke my heart. During all this we met amazing people who kept us strong.
Sadly on September 12, 1993 I told my daughter it was ok if she went to be with God I would see her again someday. She passed away the next day. I spent the next few months thinking daily of her and our last conversation. One night while asleep I had a dream and she came back and told me “Daddy I’m in Heaven and I want to see you there someday”. I sat up in bed and realized I couldn’t be angry anymore but to go on with my life and be a better person.
Then just 8 years ago my dad started having headaches and after a MRI he was told he had multiple lesions on his brain. He had lung cancer that had spread throughout his body. We were told he had maybe 6 months, but he lived 26 days. I hated cancer it took 2 of my loved ones my daughter and my best friend my dad!
Just as life had started to settle back down a couple years later I started having severe pain in my jaw. After several trips to different doctors with no answers I was lying in bed and woke up and I heard you’ve got cancer got to the doctor again. So I went back that day after feeling a lump on the right side of my throat. I had a CT scan and heard the words YOU got cancer! I didn’t ask why just how can I beat this disease my families track record wasn’t good so far . Over the next year my life went through another transformation. I went from 194 lbs. to 145 lbs. and looked like I had aged 20 years. I had a 5 1/2 week hospital stay due to weight loss and dehydration. During that time there were doubts that I would survive but I never lost faith. I also had some more inspiration with the birth of my first granddaughter!
Thankfully though through all the research done by doctors and all the countless people willing to give their time to raise money to fund that research I can proudly say I am 6 years cancer free! This once shy boy now is a man who loves to talk about Faith, Family and the importance of raising money so that we have more survivors. To see children now surviving the cancer that took my daughter and to counsel people getting ready to go through the battle I went through and giving them Hope mean a lot to me . So when ask by someone to help fight back against this disease know that you are helping someone get to meet a future blessed with children and grandchildren, so please give! Thanks for helping to save my life!