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This week as part of the mission of Tricia Creasey Foundation, we were able to pay a cancer patient’s utility bill.  She had been hospitalized as a result of chemotherapy side effects and when she was finally able to come home her power had been disconnected as a result of non-payment.  It was such a


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Thank you to Board Member – Gina Webber for this wonderful creation that shows a new partnership the Foundation has created.

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CVS Caremark, the country’s largest drugstore chain in overall sales, announced on Wednesday that it planned to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products read more…

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Thanks to the generous donations from our supporters we were able to pay a utility bill today for a Carolina Cancer Services patient. The patient had been hospitalized for treatment and upon her return home found that the utilities had been disconnected for non-payment. With your help the Tricia Creasey Foundation had her power restored.


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In the cancer community we sometimes speak of heroes.  We don’t use this term lightly.  It’s applied to those who while fighting incredibly difficult battles of their own, they still put others first. We have had some good examples of that in Relay.  It is why we honor Tricia Creasey still and I joined the


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The Tricia Creasey Foundation proudly presents Project Full Measure.

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We would like your help in designing our 1st official foundation t-shirt. Make sure to incorporate the logo below.  You can click on the logo for the larger size. We can’t wait to see your designs!  

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This article was written by Tricia’s oncologist – Dr Mebea Aklilu of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. I specialize in treating colon cancer, which means I understand the biology of the disease and the many ways in which it differs from other cancers. Many of my patients, however, think of cancer as a single disease.